Say Thanks!

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Sending thank you cards out to friends are always a nice gesture and something I’ve been wanting and needing to do more. So in an effort to always say thank you just like my mom taught me, I decided to design a card for our shop! Now it’s all done and ready to send to all those awesome friends you


Jamie BartlettSay Thanks!

For the Taking: Mini Valentines

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Valentine’s Day is almost here. Last year I designed these mini cards and posted them on our blog. Our blog has grown a lot since then so I thought I would re-post them for those of you who might not have seen them before. Spread the love around this Valentine’s Day by sending sweet notes to a friend in these


Jamie BartlettFor the Taking: Mini Valentines

New in the Shop: Travel Postcards

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We are finally adding new items to our shop. I’m particularly excited about these Travel Postcards. They turned out just how I imagined! I was inspired to make these postcards when I inherited a bunch of old photos from my grandfather. I cherish every single one. The mountain photo was one of the ones taken by my grandfather. The other


Jamie BartlettNew in the Shop: Travel Postcards

Jason and Elizabeth’s Year in Review

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A while ago my friend Elizabeth came to me asking if I would be willing to design their Christmas card this year. They wanted to include information on what they did this past year. So Elizabeth put together all their fun facts and I got right to work. I had so much fun working on this design and I even


Jamie BartlettJason and Elizabeth’s Year in Review

Quill & Fox: Holiday Collection

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If you’re new to our blog, I think you should know I love Christmas. I’m one of those people that could easily start listening to Christmas music today all the way through the new year. I get giddy when I see stores bringing out festive decorations from their summer hibernation and my heart grows two sizes when I think about hanging our stockings by the chimney


Jamie BartlettQuill & Fox: Holiday Collection

Fresh off the Press: Custom Stationery

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lately weekends have been the only times we have to get things done. So this Labor Day weekend we had was much needed around our house. It gave us time to check a few things off our to do list and squeeze in a little relaxing time together. Our list of letterpress projects is starting to stack up so we


Jamie BartlettFresh off the Press: Custom Stationery

Quill & Fox Does it Again

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This morning started off right with a dose of delightful design from Quill & Fox. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at their new products that are so clever and beautifully designed. I love everything they have done but these new designs are just too good to be true. I’m really crushing on the Loch Ness Moster Postcard, but then again I


Jamie BartlettQuill & Fox Does it Again

Moglea: 2012 Letterpress Line

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I’ve got a creative itch today thanks to Meg from Moglea. Recently she started her own letterpress line of paper goods and boy are they good! Now I’m all inspired to design more items for our shop. I have a bunch of ideas I would like to develop, but until my pile of outside work dwindles down a little I’ll just


Jamie BartlettMoglea: 2012 Letterpress Line

Quill & Fox: Easter Cards

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Quill & Fox never disappoints. Their Easter line is as cute as can be. They always use the best color combinations too! I’m not sure who I would send an easter card or invitation to, but I sure want to buy one even if it’s just to hang above my desk for inspiration.

Jamie BartlettQuill & Fox: Easter Cards