New in the Shop: Make Believe Art Print

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My friends always joke with me about how they are going to send their kids over my house to have craft time and art class. I honestly can’t wait. There’s going to be lots of finger painting, noodle necklace wearing, and make believing. In my opinion there aren’t very many things more important to childhood than that and what better


Jamie BartlettNew in the Shop: Make Believe Art Print

Say Thanks!

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Sending thank you cards out to friends are always a nice gesture and something I’ve been wanting and needing to do more. So in an effort to always say thank you just like my mom taught me, I decided to design a card for our shop! Now it’s all done and ready to send to all those awesome friends you


Jamie BartlettSay Thanks!

Introducing Greeting Cards

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For the past few months and in between client work, I have been designing more products to go in our shop. It has been quite the process, but this is what I love doing the most. I felt pretty accomplished (and a little nervous) this morning as I added the last of the new products to our shop. Nothing goes


Jamie BartlettIntroducing Greeting Cards

It’s All in the Details

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One of my favorite things about our rebrand is the new stamp we designed that now gets hand stamped on the back of every art print as we package it up to send out to it’s new home. It’s a fun little touch that I love. After all it’s all in the details right? Go check out our shop and


Jamie BartlettIt’s All in the Details


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1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 It looks like pineapple wins trendiest fruit this season. Fine by me! I say you can never have too much pineapple. 

Jamie BartlettPineapples

New Cards coming soon!

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Yep you heard right! 9 new cards are coming to our print shop soon. I spent yesterday prepping files for print and everything is ready to go. It’s been so fun watching our ideas progress into some of my favorite work so far (and by watch I mean spend hours and hours designing) I can’t wait to share them all


Jamie BartlettNew Cards coming soon!

Black Friday Sale in Our Shop

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I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! To celebrate the holiday season, we are offering 25% off everything in our shop now until December 6th! We have lots of art prints and paper goods that would make great gifts for your family and friends. So come check out our shop and be sure to use discount code: BLK2013  Happy Black


Jamie BartlettBlack Friday Sale in Our Shop

New in the Shop: Hand Lettered Art Prints

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Happy Monday everybody! It’s going to be a good week. We have lots of fun things to share with you. For today, I’m so excited to show you what I’ve been working on lately. I’ve been having so much fun with hand lettering that I just can’t stop created new designs. So here are three new art prints that are


Jamie BartlettNew in the Shop: Hand Lettered Art Prints

New in the Shop: Art Prints

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I’ve shown a few sneak peeks of these prints on my Instagram and here on the blog. Now they are done, printed, and in the shop ready to fill up some empty walls and make them pretty! I feel weird saying this since I designed them, but I love these pieces. The William Morris quote is one of my favorites.


Jamie BartlettNew in the Shop: Art Prints

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