New in the Shop: Make Believe Art Print

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My friends always joke with me about how they are going to send their kids over my house to have craft time and art class. I honestly can’t wait. There’s going to be lots of finger painting, noodle necklace wearing, and make believing. In my opinion there aren’t very many things more important to childhood than that and what better


Jamie BartlettNew in the Shop: Make Believe Art Print

Minimalist Fairy Tale Posters

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Source: Christian Jackson There is just something wonderful about fairy tales and their ability to take you back to your childhood. Back to happy, carefree times. These posters by Christian Jackson do just that. Christian has captured these classic children’s tales through clever and simplistic imagery. Their stories and now these posters have found a place in my heart.

Jamie BartlettMinimalist Fairy Tale Posters

Halloween Costumes

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1. Little Lamb | 2. Little Lion | 3. Gnomes | 4. Bartlett Pear | 5. Chia Pet  6. Ewoks | 7. UP | 8. Mary Poppins It’s almost Halloween, and I have so much fun seeing what creative ideas people come up with. They are much better than the typical scary mask or princess dress. I love the simplicity of the baby costumes. When I was little I was easily upset if things weren’t comfortable, specifically if


Jamie BartlettHalloween Costumes

Proud Aunt and Uncle

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This past week Jake and I got to spend a lot of time with our niece and nephew. It was actually the first time we got to meet our nephew, Adrian since he was just born a few months ago. We don’t get to see them that often so I thought I should take this opportunity to show them off


Jamie BartlettProud Aunt and Uncle

Finder’s Keepers: Anthropologie for Kids

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Source: Anthropologie To my delight, I just discovered that Anthropologie has children’s items. Anthropologie is one of my favorite shops, although I mostly just look and don’t buy. They can be pretty pricey. I like to say there is nothing wrong with a little eye candy. Surprisingly though most of their children’s items are pretty affordable. My favorite are the wooden alphabet blocks. I had some


Jamie BartlettFinder’s Keepers: Anthropologie for Kids