Just a Little Encouragement

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Art Print from Julia Yesterday morning I took one of Altitude Design Summit’s online classes. It was taught by one of my favorite bloggers, Melanie from You Are My Fave. There were around 90 other bloggers taking the class too! It was a lot of fun to connect with them and hear some great blogging advice from Melanie. I love the quote on


Jamie BartlettJust a Little Encouragement

Essential to Creativity

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Source: Marius Roosendaal Isn’t it funny how you can have a little lull in life, and just when everything has slowed down and you feel you’ve caught your breath, a million and one things are added to your to do list? I’m not trying to complain; I would definitely rather be busy designing rather than twiddling my thumbs. It’s just


Jamie BartlettEssential to Creativity

Word to the Wise: William Morris

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Just a friendly reminder that as we go into this weekend filled with Black Friday deals let’s remember the wise words of William Morris. I think its a good rule of thumb anyway.  And if you don’t know who William Morris is, he is the founder of the English Arts and Crafts movement. His work is really beautiful. The above


Jamie BartlettWord to the Wise: William Morris

Morning Brew: Think

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This poster wonderfully illustrates it’s message with only the use of type. It’s such a simple solution for this piece. So simple in fact, it’s brilliant. Today make an effort to go beyond the obvious. It makes like a little more interesting. Wouldn’t you say? Source: Me and This To “think outside the box” is to look further and try to not think of the obvious things, but to


Jamie BartlettMorning Brew: Think

Morning Brew: Where the Art is

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You know that plack you see hanging in everyone’s house? The one that says “Home is where the heart is”.  Well I think that quote has run it’s course. It’s kind of like when you have too much of a good thing. Here is a quote to replace it. I like this version better anyway. It’s clever, kind of corny, but fun. Source:


Jamie BartlettMorning Brew: Where the Art is

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