Morning Brew: Burr…

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Photo Via Log Home We made it to Michigan! We woke up this morning and it was lightly snowing. So far there is just a light dusting, but I have high hopes. Posts on our blog might be a little sparse the rest of the year, but we will do our best to keep updating. Enjoy your weekend!

Jamie BartlettMorning Brew: Burr…

Morning Brew: Don’t Forget to Play

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Source: Marc Johns This week was a long week for us. I’m not sure how relaxing our weekend will be because we have a lot of catching up to do on projects. Our blog has been getting a lot more attention from outside sources lately, and it’s bringing in a lot of new clients (a good thing). One of our projects


JakeMorning Brew: Don’t Forget to Play

Morning Brew: Dog People

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Source: You and Me and the Dog We’re dog people. We just love them. Despite the amount of apartment living, there are a surprisingly large amount of people who have dogs in LA. Every time we see a cute little dog strolling down the street, we point and sigh and wish for the day when we can have a dog.


Jamie BartlettMorning Brew: Dog People

Morning Brew: No Whining!

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Source: Hammerpress I got this poster for Jake for his birthday from Hammerpress. Jake is definitely not a whiner, he just really liked the poster. I think it has the perfect message for the start of a new week. Only hugs, smiles and warm fuzzy feelings, please. Now go enjoy your week!

Jamie BartlettMorning Brew: No Whining!

Morning Brew: Rain

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Our alarm didn’t go off this morning. We use one of our phones for our alarm and at some point during the night the battery died on Jake’s phone. Normally we would have just naturally woken up when the sun made our bedroom too bright to sleep, but this morning it’s rainy and gloomy out. It hasn’t rained in a


Jamie BartlettMorning Brew: Rain

Morning Brew: Morning Brew

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Source: *Cinnamon It’s been very gloomy the last few mornings; and particularly this morning. When there’s not much sunlight shining when you first wake up, I’ve just got to have a hot cup of coffee to encourage me to start my day. Making our morning coffee is definitely my full responsibility in our home. Sometimes Jamie doesn’t even hear the


JakeMorning Brew: Morning Brew

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