In Motion: WWF Parallax Sequence

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WWF PARALLAX SEQUENCE from Make Productions on Vimeo. This video from Make Productions is unbelievable because it is made up entirely of still photos. The team painstakingly cut out all of the elements of the photos in photoshop, took them into after effects, and animated them to look like they were slow-motion video. I’ve messed around with this style of


JakeIn Motion: WWF Parallax Sequence

The Ultimate Guide to Kinetic Type

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Today I am so excited to announce that I’ll be teaching a class on Skillshare! Ever since Jamie found Skillshare and took her first class, I knew I wanted to teach my own. I’m so glad I actually went through with it! Teaching is something I’ve always thought I would enjoy; and Skillshare’s format is perfect for my style of


JakeThe Ultimate Guide to Kinetic Type