His & Hers: Polaroids

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I was going through some of our Printics we had printed and I noticed that Jake and I had taken very similar pictures. It seems we can’t  resist snapping a selfie with our pup when he is peeking over our shoulder. 

Jamie BartlettHis & Hers: Polaroids

His & Hers: Tools of the Trade

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Jake and I are both creatives but we use very different things to make our little works of art. Here are some of our favorite things we each use on a daily basis. It’s always fun finding new and helpful things to keep us creating. So if you know of any special pens, apps, tech, or any materials for that


Jamie BartlettHis & Hers: Tools of the Trade

His & Hers: Why We Love LA

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We love our city. There are a lot of things that we love about it, but mostly we love it for two very different reasons. I took my picture while walking to church on Sunday. After showing it to Jake, he thought it would be funny to take an identical picture with something he loved about LA. I can always


Jamie BartlettHis & Hers: Why We Love LA

His & Hers: Shoes

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We both recently got a new pair of shoes; but after coming home from shopping I realized how similar they actually were. That got me thinking about all our shoes. We have a lot of similar pairs. We both have Pumas, TOMS, and Converse to name a few — and so this post was born.  HISHERS

Jamie BartlettHis & Hers: Shoes

His & Hers: Frozen Yogurt

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Jake and I have very different approaches when it comes to frozen yogurt. I’m all about mixing things. The more toppings the better. I kind of treat my cup like one of those sampler platters you can get at restaurants. I’ll take a little of this and a little of that. Jake on the other hand is all about simplicity.


Jamie BartlettHis & Hers: Frozen Yogurt

His & Hers: Summer Essentials

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We love summer! Longer days, BBQs, afternoon ice cream cones, and evening walks as a family are just a few reasons why we are huge fans of summer.   HIS:  Camera, Ray Ban Sunglasses shorts, daft punk vinyl HERS: ice cream maker, sandals, sea salt spray,  feedly,  Jake: All I need this summer are some comfy clothes to BBQ in, the grooviest of grooves from Daft


Jamie BartlettHis & Hers: Summer Essentials

His & Hers: Morning Coffee

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Every morning we have a cup of coffee. Not something fancy from Starbucks — just what we make at home. Jake always get’s up first to make it while I grab a few extra minutes of sleep until I hear the coffee grinder. It’s the best way to start our day.   What do you put in your coffee? (or are you


Jamie BartlettHis & Hers: Morning Coffee

His & Hers: Road Trip Playlist

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Jake and I are headed up the coast to San Francisco this weekend! We couldn’t be more excited to get away and explore a new city. It’s a good distance from LA (just under 6 hours) so we are making sure to bring good music to serenade us the whole way there. These are a few of our favorites that you can bet we will be


Jamie BartlettHis & Hers: Road Trip Playlist

His & Hers: Longboards

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His Hers Jake and I got each other Longboards for Christmas last year, and we’ve loved cruising down the neighborhood streets ever since. Pixel loves pulling Jake as fast as he can and it’s great exercise for him too. On Saturday mornings we like to get up early and ride down to the Coffee Bean for breakfast and coffee with


Jamie BartlettHis & Hers: Longboards

His & Hers: Shirts

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His  Hers It’s pretty funny how often people comment on what we are wearing and say how we coordinate.  I promise we don’t pick out what we are going to wear together. I think it all comes down to the fact that we have similar taste in fashion. And it probably helps that we ask each other’s opinion on things before we buy them.


Jamie BartlettHis & Hers: Shirts

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