Our Weekend in San Diego

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After living in Southern California for four years we finally made our way to San Diego over Memorial Day weekend, and you can bet we’ll be going back. The city itself had so much to see and do. Since we took Pixel with us we stuck to the great outdoors for the majority of the trip. But we didn’t mind


Jamie BartlettOur Weekend in San Diego

San Diego, Here We Come!

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We’ve lived in LA for over 4 years now and still have yet to really visit San Diego. What?! Well that’s about to change. We booked a beautiful hotel, packed our bags, grabbed our sunnies and we’re headed down (Pixel included) to celebrate our anniversary. We have a few things on our list to check out, but If you are


Jamie BartlettSan Diego, Here We Come!

Caught on Film with Haley Sheffield

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The cyber world is pretty amazing; especially for creatives. There are so many awesome talented people sharing what they do all around the internet. It’s inspiring to follow along and sometimes if you’re lucky you get to meet them in person, and even be a part of their work. Last fall Haley Sheffield came out to LA. We had “met” through


Jamie BartlettCaught on Film with Haley Sheffield

Avocado Toast That Kicks

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I’m a little late to both the avocado toast and sriracha bandwagon. Don’t get me wrong, I love avocado. In fact I’m pretty sure it’s some kind of rule that if you live in California you have to put avocado on everything (which I do). But avocado smeared on bread didn’t seem all that exciting to me and I’m really


Jamie BartlettAvocado Toast That Kicks

Dana’s Fall Sugar & Spice Baby Shower

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I love throwing parties for our close friends. It’s so fun to plan all the little details that make the event so special. Erika and I started planning Dana’s shower back in August. Dana is originally from the midwest and fall in the midwest is as we all know pretty perfect. Dana loves fall so we wanted to bring that


Jamie BartlettDana’s Fall Sugar & Spice Baby Shower

An Afternoon of Apple Picking

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Growing up in Michigan, apple picking was a fall tradition for our family. Luckily there are a few orchards not too far from LA so we can continue going. We went this past weekend and it was perfect fall weather! You know, sweater weather. We all got to fill our little bags up with apples and press our own cider!


Jamie BartlettAn Afternoon of Apple Picking

Rain, Rain, Come Any Day

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We woke up to a chilly rainy morning. I’ve been waiting for a day like this. So I’m taking full advantage of it with cozy sweaters and warm socks. I plan on getting some work done while drinking tea and listening to The Civil Wars. Then of course soup tonight for dinner. It’s a perfect day! Rain, you can come


Jamie BartlettRain, Rain, Come Any Day

His & Hers: Why We Love LA

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We love our city. There are a lot of things that we love about it, but mostly we love it for two very different reasons. I took my picture while walking to church on Sunday. After showing it to Jake, he thought it would be funny to take an identical picture with something he loved about LA. I can always


Jamie BartlettHis & Hers: Why We Love LA

Family Staycation

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Back in July some of my family came out to visit us. I completely forgot that I never posted any pictures of their stay. We always love when people come to California. It makes us take a break from our routine, get out and go places.  I realized when I started going through the pictures we took, most of them


Jamie BartlettFamily Staycation

Haley Sheffield is coming to town

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I know I already wished you all a happy friday, but I found out some pretty exciting news that I wanted to share. Haley Sheffield is one of my favorite photographers and she just announced she is coming to Cali in September! Her work is so beautiful and fun. Chances are you’ve seen some of her shots getting pinned around.


Jamie BartlettHaley Sheffield is coming to town

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