Finders Keepers: Furniture Makeovers

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For us there is nothing like the feeling of buying old beat up furniture at a good price and fixing it up to be just what we wanted. Furniture Makeovers not only provides you with tons of inspiration, it also teaches you simple techniques to transform your pieces. I think this could come in handy when we own a house someday and have


Jamie BartlettFinders Keepers: Furniture Makeovers

Finders Keepers: Paper Mâché Mask

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These animal masks from Abigail Brown are really great. I love how they look displayed all together.  Here are a few other finds from this week: Typography in your garden. Yellow stripes and hand done typography makes this pretty perfect.  Trying this recipe tonight for dinner.

Jamie BartlettFinders Keepers: Paper Mâché Mask

Finders Keepers: Typographer Mugs

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I’m a mug person, and I love a good cup of coffee in a pretty mug. These typographer mugs from Mark and Graham are pretty perfect. Here are a few more finds from this week: Sign up to win this. This looks easy enough to make and yummy too. It comes in mint?! I need it. You know, for protection.


Jamie BartlettFinders Keepers: Typographer Mugs

Finders Keepers: Camping Dinnerware

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We’ve been itching to go camping and these bright yellow plates would be perfect to eat all that yummy camp food on. I can just picture drinking my morning coffee in one of those mugs.  Here are a few more finds from this week: Saturday morning breakfast? Homemade way to kill weeds. Jessica Hische teaches you type! Love this living


Jamie BartlettFinders Keepers: Camping Dinnerware

Finders Keepers: Domino Magazine

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Domino Magazine just released their spring issue all about small spaces! I couldn’t be more excited about this one. Living in a small apartment has its challenges, but that’s kind of what I like about it. It forces you to be creative on how you decorate, keeps the amount of stuff you buy in check, and makes your space feel cozy. I love it and I


Jamie BartlettFinders Keepers: Domino Magazine

Finders Keepers: DIY Planters

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Spring has really been showing it’s face here in Southern California this past week and we’ve been loving every minute of it! We’ve taken an evening walk to get frozen yogurt, enjoyed a meal or two on our patio, and every morning when the warm sun comes around we open up all the windows to let in some fresh air.


Jamie BartlettFinders Keepers: DIY Planters

Finders Keepers: California Flag

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Hand made from St8 of Design I think a California flag would make a nice addition to our home decor. In our office maybe? That is if we ever get that place organized. Do you ever have those projects that just never seem to end? I’m quickly realizing that that is how our home office is – never ending. Here


Jamie BartlettFinders Keepers: California Flag

Finders Keepers: Be Free, Lance

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This week’s Finders Keepers is more like a gold mine then just a find. Breanna Rose has a column on her blog called Be Free, Lance. It is full of helpful information for freelance designers. She has just about covered all the questions I could ever ask. Anything from contracts and project management, to packaging files for development. I’ve just about


Jamie BartlettFinders Keepers: Be Free, Lance

Finders Keepers: Google Glass

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I found another video yesterday that really got me pumped up, so Jamie’s letting me post two days in a row :). Google has been developing a headset that let’s you do all kinds of cool stuff — hands free. I’ll let the video explain everything for you. Don’t you just love technology? Google is taking applications for people who want to


JakeFinders Keepers: Google Glass

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