DIY Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table

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For a while now I’ve been swooning over all the beautiful mid century furniture that’s been showing up all over the place. Unfortunately it’s all pretty pricey. And we all know what I do when I don’t want to pay for something…I make it myself.  Mid-Century Modern style is so clean and simple which made this coffee table super easy to make. I


Jamie BartlettDIY Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table

Reupholstered Chair

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You’ve already kind of seen the finished product of our chair we reupholstered from Pixel’s Watch Me Grow photos, but I wanted to show you more of the process we went through to get this little yellow beauty. Here is the condition we found the poor saggy chair in at Goodwill. The fabric was pretty worn in spots and the caning on the


Jamie BartlettReupholstered Chair

DIY Kick

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Ever since my parents came and helped me with all those diy projects, I keep coming up with more and more things I want to do. It’s so satisfying making things yourself. I probably should take it one project at a time before I get burnt out. These are on my current to do list. Cork Board Pencil Sweater Aren’t


Jamie BartlettDIY Kick

Granny Squares

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So remember last year when I got all gung ho about knitting? I had all these projects that I wanted to do. What happened with that you ask? Well, not much. I did finish a head band and got about three quarters of the way through one leg warmer; then I got discouraged when I realized I still had another one to


Jamie BartlettGranny Squares

DIY Weekend

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My parents left for home this morning. We had a wonderful time with them this past week. Unfortunately it has been the hottest week of the summer which meant we had to stay inside most of their visit. On the plus side, we got a lot of projects done in our apartment. First we reupholstered the yellow chair, then hung up some


Jamie BartlettDIY Weekend

Mint Condition

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Sources: 1. Lomography Diana + Dreamer Camera 2. Mint Kitchen 3. Living Room 4. Mint Washi Tape 5.  Love Poster 6. Baker’s Twine 7. Latte Bowls 8. Essie nail polish 9. Recycled Pencils You probably already figured, but I watch a lot of HGTV. My favorite show is Property Brothers. Over the weekend I saw an episode where the living room wall was decorated with mint accents. It


Jamie BartlettMint Condition

Pixel Gutenberg Bartlett

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We got our Dalmatian puppy on Saturday! We didn’t sleep at all on Friday night because we were way too excited to bring him home. He is even more cute and than I could ever have imagined. It feels like we’re proud parents. Pixel has been doing so well too; he is learning how to walk on his leash, go


Jamie BartlettPixel Gutenberg Bartlett

The Real “House at Pooh Corner”

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via Curbed How many of you grew up with Winnie the Pooh? I certainly did, and so will my kids. A.A. Milne created timeless characters and stories and the home where it all began is for sale. It looks as if it came right out of a storybook. If only I had $3.22 million I would buy it up and live every


Jamie BartlettThe Real “House at Pooh Corner”

Our Weekend

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Once again our weekend flew right by. I wish we had just one more day to get everything done. It was really our first weekend in our new home since last weekend we were in New York. Saturday was mostly spent at Ikea and shopping around for a grill. Now that we have a patio we want to take full


Jamie BartlettOur Weekend

Finders Keepers: Vecco Custom Rugs

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A good rug is hard to find; or maybe I’m just too picky. I’ve been scouring the internet trying to find some rugs for our new apartment. So far no luck. I did find Vecco though. Vecco sells rugs that you can paint your own custom design on! They even sell kits with everything you need.

Jamie BartlettFinders Keepers: Vecco Custom Rugs

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