Things Organized Neatly

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I’m determined to be organized in our new home. Even though it is a bigger space than our past apartment, a new layout has its challenges. On Monday I spent the entire day deciding on how I wanted to layout the kitchen. There were multiple times I changed my mind and rearranged everything. I made a trip to the Container Store and found some


Jamie BartlettThings Organized Neatly

Our New Townhouse

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It was a busy and exhausting weekend, but it paid off because now we are moved into our new home! We are so thankful that we have such great friends that are willing to help us out. Jake and Erika literally spent all weekend with us, packing, moving, and even unpacking! Even though it was a lot of work we actually


Jamie BartlettOur New Townhouse

Lost in the Boxes

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I’m a little lost in boxes today. My goal is to get most everything finished and packed up today. Crossing my fingers. I’ll be back tomorrow with a Finders Keepers. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Jamie BartlettLost in the Boxes

Paint By Numbers

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Did you ever do paint by numbers as a kid? I think I tried my hand at it a few times. Well Katie from Katie’s Pencil Box has come up with the most brilliant idea ever, no really! Inspired by two different vintage paint by numbers pieces, she made her own mural for her son’s little art studio. The best part is that she


Jamie BartlettPaint By Numbers

We’re Moving!

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Remember last week when I told you we were going to look at a townhouse? Well, I have exciting news. Today after work we are signing the lease! We are so excited. The best (and most amazing) part is that our best friends are signing the lease for the unit right next door! We always joked around about how fun


Jamie BartlettWe’re Moving!

DIY Round Up

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I don’t know if I mentioned it, but Jake and I are planing on moving in the next few months. We want to be a little closer to our friends Jake & Erika who are getting married in July! We aren’t moving too far, but let’s face it, 3 miles in LA can take over 30 minutes to drive sometimes.


Jamie BartlettDIY Round Up

Fresh Basil

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It seems lately that a lot of the recipes I’ve been making calls for fresh basil. Usually I just substitute it for dried basil; mainly because I can’t justify buying a whole container of fresh basil and then only using a leaf or two while all of the rest just wilts away.  Last night we went grocery shopping and I discovered that


Jamie BartlettFresh Basil

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

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 The Strange Planet from The Good Machinery Animag Photo Stands from Photojojo DIY animal rack from Craft Zine Candle holder from The Sweetest Occasion Ocean Blue Bear from Bubblegum Belles Ornaments from Young House Love Jar toppers from House to Home I’ve been noticing a lot of animals roaming around the internet lately and I have to say I’m quite smitten by them. I love all the bright colors and clever uses


Jamie BartlettLions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!


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1. decor8 | 2. Hi Sugarplum | 3. Ohdeedoh | 4. Brooklyn Bride | 5. House to Home Even though we haven’t had much snow up here in Michigan, it has been quite cold. Thankfully Jake’s parents have a big fireplace. It has been so nice to cuddle up by the fireplace in the evenings and listen to the crackly fire. You can’t get much


Jamie BartlettFireplaces

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