Finders Keepers: Wacom Inkling

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Source: Youtube Wacom has been making pressure sensitive digital drawing tablets for over 25 years now. The tablets allow you to use a stylus pen to more organically draw on a computer. In 2009 I purchased my first tablet, and Jamie and I have used it on a number of projects. It’s very effective, but definitely takes a lot of


JakeFinders Keepers: Wacom Inkling

Photo of the Week: Fire Hydrant

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I currently love yellow, so when I saw this bright yellow fire hydrant I knew it would be the perfect thing to try out the camera on my new phone. I think it turned out pretty good. Don’t worry though I won’t forget how to use my real camera.

Jamie BartlettPhoto of the Week: Fire Hydrant

Just Because

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Yesterday Jake surprised me with a new phone! But not just any phone, the HTC Thunderbolt. The sweetest part is that Jake has really been wanting this phone for a while now, but instead of buying it for himself he got it for me. It was a “just because” present and probably one of the coolest phones I’ve ever seen. I love


Jamie BartlettJust Because

Oh, Technology!: LetterMpress

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I came across this amazing letterpress app being developed for iPads the other day. The video explains everything, but you basically get to do everything involved with making a print on a letterpress, but on an iPad. The designs can be multiple colors, use multiple fonts, and be exported as an image or sent to a printer. To learn more


JakeOh, Technology!: LetterMpress

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