Perfect Stuff For Your Pooch

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1. Dogit 2-in-1 Durable Bowl 2. How to Raise the Perfect Dog 3. Bags on Board Bone Dispenser  4. Helvetica Treat Tin 5. Zoom Groom Brush 6. Dog Bone Cookie Cutter 7. Bow Tie Collar 8. Organic Granola Dog Treats 9. Lamb Chop Dog Toy It’s official: we get to bring our new puppy home on Saturday! We can’t wait to add the little guy to


Jamie BartlettPerfect Stuff For Your Pooch

Meet Pixel

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Just wanted to introduce everyone to the (soon to be) latest addition to our pack: Pixel Gutenberg Bartlett. We picked him out on Saturday, and now have to wait probably the longest three weeks of our lives before we can bring him home. We picked up some toys and a bed for him on Saturday. It was really difficult to


JakeMeet Pixel

GoPro at the Dog Park

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Hey everyone, this is Jake. I know I don’t get to post on our blog very often, but when I have the time I really do enjoy it. This morning Jamie and I found a video shot from the perspective of a dog at a dog park, and thought we’d share it with you. Click here to watch on youtube.


JakeGoPro at the Dog Park

We’re Moving!

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Remember last week when I told you we were going to look at a townhouse? Well, I have exciting news. Today after work we are signing the lease! We are so excited. The best (and most amazing) part is that our best friends are signing the lease for the unit right next door! We always joked around about how fun


Jamie BartlettWe’re Moving!

Morning Brew: Dog People

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Source: You and Me and the Dog We’re dog people. We just love them. Despite the amount of apartment living, there are a surprisingly large amount of people who have dogs in LA. Every time we see a cute little dog strolling down the street, we point and sigh and wish for the day when we can have a dog.


Jamie BartlettMorning Brew: Dog People

Halloween Costumes

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1. Little Lamb | 2. Little Lion | 3. Gnomes | 4. Bartlett Pear | 5. Chia Pet  6. Ewoks | 7. UP | 8. Mary Poppins It’s almost Halloween, and I have so much fun seeing what creative ideas people come up with. They are much better than the typical scary mask or princess dress. I love the simplicity of the baby costumes. When I was little I was easily upset if things weren’t comfortable, specifically if


Jamie BartlettHalloween Costumes

Love Your Dog

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Source: Cody Haltom Cody created this piece for a traveling exhibition and poster campaign. Artists around the country were asked to create works that raise awareness of social and political issues. I love the minimalist approach. This would be a cute way of doing custom dog portraits.

Jamie BartlettLove Your Dog

Morning Brew: Relax

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Happy Friday everybody! Do you have any fun plans for your weekend? The last few weekends Jake and I have been pretty busy. So I think this weekend we are going to take it slow and relax. However, we are going to be letterpressing this weekend. Maybe we will have a surprise for you on Monday! Source: That Kind of


Jamie BartlettMorning Brew: Relax

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