City Maps

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I love a good map. I especially love these screen printed ones from The Harbinger Co. They make me want to do some sort of map series for our shop. Maybe some day. For now I’ll just admire these and work on the hundreds of other ideas I have first. 

Jamie BartlettCity Maps

Christmas Wishes 2011

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We are so excited to be able to say that we printed our Christmas cards this year on our letterpress! It was the first time we printed with white ink, and the first time we printed on kraft paper. We couldn’t be more satisfied with the way they came out. The photo was taken by us in front of our


JakeChristmas Wishes 2011

Right Off the Press: Sideshow Media Business Cards

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Jamie and I printed another set of business cards for a client, and we’re extremely excited with how they turned out! The inspiration for this design came from Hatch Show Print. Their posters are amazing, and we thought doing a vertical business card would look perfect for that style. To see more photos of these cards, click here.

JakeRight Off the Press: Sideshow Media Business Cards

Finders Keepers: LetterMPress

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If you haven’t seen it already, LetterMpress has now been released for Mac and iPad. The app has all kinds of wood type, borders and even paper to choose from. You can set the type, lock the press, and pull the print just like you would on a real letterpress. You can even hear the charming clank of the press as


Jamie BartlettFinders Keepers: LetterMPress

Letterpress Giveaway & New Products

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We are extremely excited to be able to announce that we have brand new products listed in our etsy shop! We have re-listed our linocut stationery sets, and are introducing letterpress art prints and recipe cards. Each print is designed by us and printed by hand on our vintage Chandler & Price letterpress. Click here to visit our shop. In celebration of


JakeLetterpress Giveaway & New Products

Love Your Dog

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Source: Cody Haltom Cody created this piece for a traveling exhibition and poster campaign. Artists around the country were asked to create works that raise awareness of social and political issues. I love the minimalist approach. This would be a cute way of doing custom dog portraits.

Jamie BartlettLove Your Dog

DIY Vintage Party

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I had a lot of fun planing and putting together stuff for my vintage birthday party. There were so many of you that said how much you liked the post about my party a few days back so I thought I would share with you some of the things I did. That way if you ever have an urge to


Jamie BartlettDIY Vintage Party

Loving Letterpress

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Every time Jamie and I have decided to print something on our letterpress up until this point, we’ve been learning something new or working on something that needed both our full attentions to accomplish. That makes it pretty hard to document the process. We’ve wanted to make a video of our printing for a while now, so this past weekend we decided


JakeLoving Letterpress

The Bartlett Press: Unbridled Sound Business Cards

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We have finally printed our first order of letterpress business cards. A friend of mine at work has wanted us to make him business cards since before we even had our letterpress. It was a good project to get under our belts; we had fun and we learned a lot in the process. Both sides of the card use black ink,


JakeThe Bartlett Press: Unbridled Sound Business Cards

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