Morning Brew: Do What You Love

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I forgot to mention last week, but last Tuesday was my last day of work. After much deliberation Jake and I decided that I would quit my full-time graphic design job giving me time to pursue the kind of graphic design that I really love. Instead of doing graphic design in the corporate realm, I am now focusing on our blog,


Jamie BartlettMorning Brew: Do What You Love

DIY Work Table

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Ever since Jamie and I got our letterpress, it has been sitting in the middle of our living room floor. We didn’t have anything to set it on because, after all, it weighs 250lbs. Believe me, we looked all over the place for something that would work for us, but there were some key requirements. First and foremost, it had


JakeDIY Work Table

Oh, Technology!: LetterMpress

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I came across this amazing letterpress app being developed for iPads the other day. The video explains everything, but you basically get to do everything involved with making a print on a letterpress, but on an iPad. The designs can be multiple colors, use multiple fonts, and be exported as an image or sent to a printer. To learn more


JakeOh, Technology!: LetterMpress

Morning Brew: Pasta Packaging

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I really think that if food companies started designing their packaging more like this, they’d have a lot more people my age buying their products. This packaging would win me over any day. I’d want to buy them all just to make my kitchen cabinet look so well designed.  Source: Erik Johansson

JakeMorning Brew: Pasta Packaging

More Time Please

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This pretty much sums up how I’ve been feeling lately.  Source: Chris Piascik Chris is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator who has endeavored to do a drawing a day and post them on his website. I have a huge respect for artist who commit to do something like that. I’ve thought about it, but honestly I don’t think I could do it. Maybe some day.

Jamie BartlettMore Time Please

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